A Little Bit of the British

A Little Bit of the British

James Patterson’s Story

One enormous cat scoping out a place to call home. One massive cat checking out humans, but a new place to call home. His name is Buck Rogers, and he is a major player in the future of another cat. After checking and approving the humans and location, this handsome Main Coon brings another smaller cat to check out a new home. This cat is dark gray. The humans at the sanctuary think he’s a Prussian Blue with short hair. The humans at the sanctuary almost mistake him for a Prussian Blue. Buck Rogers brought this gentleman in. It was obvious; he had already told him this would be their new home. As humans got a better look at this guy, they realized he was a British Shorthair, and like Buck Rogers, he was a purebred cat. It is still a mystery why someone would dump these handsome boys, but they did. Well, it was apparent the sanctuary was adding two cats to the roster with the new arrival. The gray boy made himself right at home, as if he had lived here his whole life, but it still took Buck Rogers a bit of time to “sign on the dotted line.” Sister took the time to talk to him as the cat whisperer she is, and Tiger Man, as a head therapist, also spent some time with him. Sister, aka Dorothy, found out he likes mystery and detective-type names as he likes to explore the world. She suggested several names, like Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, etc. Then he said James Patterson, and that was without question the one he fell in love with. James Patterson was now home at his new FUR-EVER home. He started exploring and checking out all the high spots inside and outside, which proves these kids are “tree kitties.” Mr. Patterson is a smaller cat than Buck Rogers, but he’s not finished growing. He became almost the size of Buck when he finished. He demonstrates that it is simply more for HIS humans to love. As he falls into his routine, the humans find that Ms. Callie, Ms. Grace, and Ms. Anne take him under their wing to teach him something most male cats don’t do, and they find he has an interest in the 17 kittens who came into the sanctuary. Not as something to beat up or kill, but as something to love and keep an eye on. The girls teach him how to watch over, coax, love, and protect them. They also make sure the other cats, male and female, know how special this big boy is. When watching this guy with the kittens, one realizes he likes to play with them. As he protects them along with Buck while they are outside, you see him flick his tail to entice the kittens to attack and play with it. He looks back at them, and if you look closely, you can see a smile on his face. When he is “on duty,” none of the female cats worry about any kittens in their charge because they know he is there to take care of them. He also teaches the older kittens what is called the “two-tree” rule about not getting near the street. A very smart, loving teacher and protector.

Regrettably, some new neighbors moved in by the Sanctuary, and what had been such a safe, friendly area for all the cats became a VERY unsafe area. Before anyone knew what was going on, someone over there attacked Mr. Patterson, and according to Dr. Mike, he was severely kicked many times, which caused internal injuries that subsequently killed him. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge and was buried by his cat friends before his humans could give him a proper grave, but those who loved him still buried him. He will always have a special place in all of us at the Sanctuary. If the humans could, we would buy the property and name it after him, as he has been a very special part of the team. THE JAMES PATTERSON CRAFT CENTER at The Cats Made Me Do It!!! This is where Daddy would be doing most of his work. Cats are welcome inside.

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