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Hide & Seek: The Story of An Abused Cat: Ms. Boots Story

The following story is one reason Crazy Cat Sanctuary and Black Cat Rescue exist.

Hi, my name is Ms. Boots. I would not be here telling this story if it were not for a team effort between a sweet lady named Monica Webb and Crazy Cat Sanctuary and Black Cat Rescue. My family has no idea what might have happened to me prior to Ms. Monica discovering me at Meade County Animal Control, but it was not pleasant. I didn’t exhibit any evidence of physical abuse, but by the way I responded to them, I could tell they had struck me, and I showed signs of verbal abuse by the way I handled loud noises.

I was squished in the rear of a cage at Animal Control when Ms. Monica discovered me, and because I refused to come forward in the cage for any reason, I was labeled as not adoptable. She saw me and took me home with her. For the next two months, I was a scared little kitty, holding behind her washer and dryer or out in the back corners of her garage. This was no life for a little kitty. Ms. Monica wasn’t certain, but she had a suspicion that I was being beaten and yelled at because of something I was powerless to stop. She wasn’t sure why I would make a tiny mess wherever I went.

Ms. Monica was talking to the people at a shelter for abused or abandoned cats, and she informed them about me. The man I now call Daddy Mark said, said let’s meet and see about getting this little girl down to CSBCR. Sister, Dorothy, Daddy, and Ms. Monica met at Subway in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Ms. Monica introduced them to me. I was once again a scared little kitty in the back of a cage. Upon our arrival at my new home at the Sanctuary, they introduced me to two therapists who would help me through the first part of my healing, while the humans dug into my primary problem of leaving little messes. The therapists are a brother-sister team, Tiger Man and Tiger Tye. Once I got out of my travel cage, I immediately searched for a place to hide and found one behind a washer and dryer. These humans took it in stride. They made sure I always had access to fresh food, water, and a cat box near the front of the washing and dryer set. At the Animal Clinic in Greensburg, Kentucky, I frequently received visits from Tiger Man and Tiger Tye, who helped me with my emotional problems while the humans spoke with Dr. Mike. The big issue they figured out, I am grain intolerant. I cannot digest the grains used in cat food, wet or dry. My tiny messes ended when I tried some grain-free Rachel Ray’s Nutrish. What was good about it all was that I received a lot of affection and was treated like a cute little kitten with a minor issue. Today I eat Nutrish, Health Extension, and Meow Mix (when they had a grain free), with Abound Wet Food and a Bit of Blue Buffalo wet food as a holiday treat for Catmas. I start my day with a bowl full of kibbles and a little sliver of Abound Wet Food, oh and no fish as I am allergic to fish too, and then lunch and supper are kibbles. Less little messes. Oh, and no dairy, i.e. milk, yogurt, cheese, etc…, for me either. Instead, I get Coconut Milk Creamers. My favorite is Sweet Cream Coconut Milk Creamer. I get Sweet Cream Coconut Milk Creamer, while the other cats get half-and-half as you use in coffee or goat’s milk.

In the Spring of 2018, my next trial came about, but thankfully Dr. Mike told my humans I just had an inner ear infection, and we got it treated. I have some ongoing health issues related to the inner ear infection. If you look at my picture, you will see I continue to be leaning and have my head cocked at an odd angle. The infection has led to this. It scared me for a while, but one of the other cats did. Mr. Goldberg had gone through this issue, and he is still one crafty, loving cat. They helped me through my problems and showed me I can still be myself. Daddy had ramps installed for Goldberg so he could enter and exit the house, as well as descend from the deck to the ground. Today, many of us still use these ramps. “You’re welcome, Ms. Boots,” and “Thanks, Dad.” I’ve been working at CCSBCR for a few years, so I’m no longer the timid cat cowering behind the washer and dryer. I am a cat that is aware of what she wants and who to get it from. You might not see me when you visit, but I will be observing you and judging you. My First Home Ever? The Sanctuary, of course. (Our First Foster Fail)

If you want to help cats and kittens like us, head over to (Ko-Fi button) here to find out how. You can even become a monthly sponsor of one of us who calls the Sanctuary our FUR-EVER home, like me.

Now, for breakfast. “Sister, you did not do this right. It’s supposed to be a quarter cup of Nutrish and a sliver of Abound Wet Food, and you forgot the sliver AGAIN!!!”

“Sorry, Ms. Boots, I will get it right now, ma’am.”

Humans always got to keep my eye on them.”

“Here you go Ms. Boots, your Sliver.”

“Thank You, Sister.”

And that’s my story.

Sincerely, Ms. Boots. (cat paw)